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A blog about yoga and life by Pittsburgh-based yoga teacher, Stacey Vespaziani.

Help Me Write A Play


I am looking for true, first person accounts from women of all ages and backgrounds around the idea of motherhood. I want to know the story that contributed to you becoming or not becoming someone's mother. (If you are currently pondering this question, share from there.)

Your story can be told in any form… really– you could submit an essay, monologue, poem (haikus are welcomed), scene, fairy tale, song, etc. and should be 1,000 words or less. The only other requirement is that the tale you share is yours and it is true.  (If you are a visual artist, filmmaker or photographer and would prefer to contribute your story in a creative form other than writing, please indicate that in your submission and we can work out the logistics.) The deadline for all submissions is May, 1, 2015.

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Blue Apron... Where Have You Been All Of My (Cooking) Life?

My first encounter with Blue Apron was on Instagram when one of my best friends and her husband moved to Baltimore and immediately started posting pictures of beautiful food with #BlueApron. I thought that they must have found a great restaurant in their new city and was excited to try it on my first visit. Then, I started seeing other people using the hashtag and naively assumed that they must all be traveling through Maryland. Finally, my comical misunderstanding was revealed when–over a dinner out with the girls–another friend began praising Blue Apron for making her a better cook and subsequently explained it to me and even offered me a free trial week.

Part large-scale CSA/part at-home cooking school, this online meal planning and delivery service provides subscribers with a weekly box of fresh (often organic and always mindfully sourced) ingredients accompanied by delicious step-by-step recipes that are perfectly proportioned–down to the pat of butter needed to finish a pan sauce–almost foolproof.

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DIY Yoga Retreat

It got me thinking: Anyone could do this– create their own reset retreat– anytime, anywhere– with a partner, a group of friends or family... even solo. 

Here’s how our “retreat” unfolded. (Feel free to copy exactly, edit, disregard or use as a jumping off point... and, if you give it a try, I’d love to hear about your experience– or even better... see the pictures!)

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