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Help Me Write A Play

I’ve written plays about Britney Spears, body image, finding love, sex, losing love, politics and more sex. 

I’ve written plays about race and gender and Hurricane Katrina. 

I’ve written plays about control and cruelty and forgiveness and healing. 

I’ve written plays about connecting and not connecting. 

I even wrote one play that took place entirely on a treadmill whose heroine lost and found herself while desperately trying lose weight. 

But all of these plays– in their varied and vast differences– share one thing in common... they all were born out of the things that I didn’t (or couldn’t) understand at the time. Things I was soiled by from grappling with. Things that were either too big or too small for me to see clearly from where I was standing, stuck in the proverbial mud. 

I’m stuck again... ankle deep in the muck and questioning what it is to become or not become a mother. 

And so, I’m writing a play on the subject and I need your help...

Crowdsourcing Of Sorts: A Call For Submissions:

I am looking for true, first person accounts from women of all ages and backgrounds around the idea of motherhood. I want to know the story that contributed to you becoming or not becoming someone's mother. (If you are currently pondering this question, share from there.)

Your story can be told in any form… really– you could submit an essay, monologue, poem (haikus are welcomed), scene, fairy tale, song, etc. and should be 1,000 words or less. The only other requirement is that the tale you share is yours and it is true.  (If you are a visual artist, filmmaker or photographer and would prefer to contribute your story in a creative form other than writing, please indicate that in your submission and we can work out the logistics.) The deadline for all submissions is May, 1, 2015.

These stories will be kept anonymous unless you choose to reveal your identity in the submission form or through your writing. The stories will ultimately be woven together into a full-length play and performed by professional actresses. 

I can't pay for your story, but if you provide your email address when submitting, you will receive a free ticket to the first production of the play and/or a copy of the final script.

Thanks in advance for creating with me and please feel free to share this call with all of the women in your life who may be interested in contributing to the project!